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Being a city girl sometimes gets tiring and you find yourself feeling the need to be away from all the noise and lay your head down.  A girls Trip in Mpumalanga is what we needed and I can tell you now that we will be going back!

If I can describe Mpumalanga in a few words, I would say: Green, Peaceful and Breath-taking! You just never get tired of being in awe at how beautiful the place is. Honestly, God was showing off when he created the province! From beautiful mind-blowing views to refreshing waterfalls and heart racing hikes and game drives, it just keeps on getting better and better.


The Three Rondavels

Funny enough I am originally from Mpumalanga, Bushbuckridge but it was only my first time seeing some of these places which is somewhat funny. Normally when I go home, I go there to rest and spend time with family and we generally never leave the house but after this trip I will be taking the time to explore more of Mpumalanga.


While in Mpumalanga, we were staying at the Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge and this was the perfect choice as it set the mood for the type of girl’s trip, we were going for. Our aim was to get a feel of a new type of scenery without all the city lights and noise and the Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge did that for us. The lodge had a beautiful view from the main bedroom and the balcony and all the animals around the lodge put a smile on your face and just made you forget about everything.

Journey Lekhuleni - Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge
The lodge was self-catering, so we did buy our own food and drinks but made sure to go to the lodge’s restaurant when we didn’t feel like cooking of which we tried to do most of the time as it gave us time to bond and spend more time together. If you would like to see a quick Instagram reel showing where we were staying you can click right here.

Did you know: Mpumalanga which means the place where the sun rises, is home to diverse landscape and wildlife and is home to the country’s largest and most famous game reserve (Kruger National Park), the world ‘s third largest canyon and the world’s oldest cave system.


Journey Lekhuleni - The Three Rondavels    Journey Lekhuleni - The Three Rondavels


We made sure to make the most of our stay by visiting as many places as we possibly could and made sure to keep on photographing the beauty of Mpumalanga. During the day we had many road trips to places like Pilgrims Rest & Graskop to see and experience many of the tourist attractions nearby while stopping hundred times to take photos and videos when we saw beautiful places. In the evenings we would play good music, have dinner, a couple of drinks and end it off with playing games such as truth or drink or with one of us telling a story or sharing an experience that left us dying in laughter.

Journey Lekhuleni - Mac Mac PoolsJourney Lekhuleni - Blyde River CanyonJourney Lekhuleni Blyde River Canyon - Waterfall

Overall, we had a blast, it was nice to be somewhere together where we could have fun and make new memories. I got the chance to get away from the fast city life and was able to live spontaneously which felt right. If given the chance again, I would go back and relive the moment again with no regrets.

Journey Lekhuleni - God's WindowJourney Lekhuleni - God's Window
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