websites to visit for travel discounts in south africa


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A good trip involves a lot of activities, learning something new and eating good food. Many people shy away from travelling because they assume that it is expensive and that they must budget a lot of money for it. I am here to tell you that a good travelling experience doesn’t always involve a lot of money, here are some of my favourite websites to visit for travel discounts in South Africa!

As a young adult I know how tedious and costly simple activities and travel can be. Sometimes you really would love to go out with a couple of friends but when you think about all the costs involved, you decide otherwise and rather stay at home watching TV. I have now learnt to use these websites to give myself a great travelling experience for little amount of money. Not only for me but for my friends and family as well. This is why I searched until I found these websites for travel discounts in South Africa.

Websites to visit for travel discounts in South Africa 

  1. Daddy’s Deals

A thumnail with a phone showing a screenshot showing Daddy's deals webpageWhether you’re looking for a spa day pamper package, a weekend away or just feels like learning something new, Daddy’s deals is for you. Daddy’s deals work’s with big name business to give you specials on Education, Services, Accommodation, Experience, Restaurants, Retail and Spa/Beauty or health. What’s great is that you get the same treatment for only a portion of the price. If you look at the value of the offers you will notice that Daddy’s deals gives you great discounts and you still get treated like the King/Queen that you are.

They aren’t available everywhere though so make sure to check the website for specials near you or in the area you are visiting. Daddy’s deals website is also very easy to use, it really doesn’t feel like a tedious task to purchase a deal, and everything is done in a short span of time. The deals are clear to understand and you get what you purchased,

Sign up for Daddy’s deals to receive emails every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for offers you can experience in your city.

To get even more savings and discounts you can register for Club Daddy where you are guaranteed to save even more on the already discounted offers on the website. You will however have to pay a monthly fee of R99

To join please use my referral link

Web page screenshot of daddys deals

2. Hyperli

A thumnail with a phone showing a screenshot showing Hyperli web page

Every time I visit Hyperli, I just feel like spending all my coins. Hyperli has a wide range of activities to do for everyone and the website has been designed in such a way that is easy to manoeuvre and make your booking.

Hyperli is your guide to experiencing and discovering the best that your city has to offer! Hyperli brings you the most experiential way of living and what may have been a dream/fantasy escapade can be your reality with their offers.

Hyperli has just about anything, from Yoga lessons, 3 course meals for two, aircraft training courses and Whiskey tasting experiences, everything is available. They literally have everything for everyone. They also have a filtering button which allows you to filter the deals according to what you’re willing to spend which can help you keep to your budget.

“We’ll introduce you, your family & friends to an exciting new world with over 5000 experiences across all major cities in SA. From adventure activities to fine dining, beauty treatments and pamper packages, to travel – our options are as diverse as our beautiful country.”-Hyperli

Screenshot of Hyperli webpage

Visit Hyperli:

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Please also leave a comment below if you knew about any of these websites and also if you know any others that are great!








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