5 Travel mistakes you should avoid.


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Whether this is your first trip or your tenth, I hope you are reading this early enough because making mistakes when travelling can ruin a good trip. Unlike me, I don’t want you to learn the hard way so I have compiled a list of 5 Travel Mistakes you should avoid.

5 Travel mistakes you should avoid

  1. Do not miss your flight.

This is one mistake you do not want to make. Especially if you are on a tight budget. I didn’t know that missing a flight possibly meant having to pay double for a ticket! Trust me, I learnt the hard way.

Make sure that you know when your flight boards so that you can give yourself enough time to be at the airport and do everything that is required. Missing your flight can easily put you out of your budget as most airlines will require you to pay additional money (which in my case was the cost of a return flight) for them to move you to the next available flight.

Travel Tip: Check your airlines flexibility for any unforeseen circumstances when booking a flight.  Some airlines sell tickets that allow you to swap or move dates for an added cost.


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  1. Booking activities last minute.

Always make sure to plan your Itinerary and book your activities ahead of time. Remember that you are not the only one that’s planning a trip and it is most likely that other people would like to visit the same places as you. Avoid any disappointments by booking ahead so you know that everything is booked and paid for and all that is left is for you to go do it.

Planning you itinerary and booking your activities beforehand will save you a lot of unnecessary pressure and will ensure that you tick off all the activities you had planned for the trip. Trust me, it is not nice trying to book an activity on the day and finding out it is fully booked! No one wants to waste a day doing nothing on vacation.

  1. Not saving money

Travelling costs money and unless you have a lot of it, you need to make sure that you save up.  I always make the mistake of thinking a financial miracle will happen the month before I go on a getaway or vacation, and it never happens. Instead, I end up using money I shouldn’t be using which comes with a lot of regrets.

So be smart, save up in time and trust me you won’t be forced to sleep all day because you have no money to do anything.

Travel Tip: Calculate how much you need for your trip and open a savings account where you can save money every month. If you know that you will use the money beforehand, make it a fixed account.

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  1. Waking up late

Waking up late is tempting however it will be your downfall. I love my sleep and sometimes I will tell myself that a few hours won’t hurt but they do. You do not want to spend all your time sleeping because you will end up not doing any activities you had planned.

I once went to Port Elizabeth with no plan, I ended up using the time to rest, do shopping (things I could do anywhere) and the only exciting thing I did was go to the beach. Till this day, I still regret that trip! I didn’t see the beauty of Port Elizabeth to it’s fullest and I feel like there was so much more to explore.

So, learn from my mistake, sleeping is not worth it. I would recommend you take a few days before your trip to rest, if need be.

Travel Tip: Wake up in time, get ready and start your day early. You will get the most out of your day!

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  1. Not packing enough clothes!

Most people say that over packing is the worst mistake you can make when traveling however I beg to differ. Not packing enough clothes is what can truly ruin your trip.

The weather is unpredictable so make sure that you pack enough clothes. If you love taking photos, having a variety of outfits will help you a lot. That way you can take many photos and we will think that it was on different days.

Packing a variety of clothing is also great for any unplanned change of plans. Trust me, spending your food or activities money on new clothes unnecessarily is not fun.

Those are my 5 Travel mistakes to avoid that I have learnt. I truly hope that they help you save time, money and give you a better experience.

Please comment below what are other mistakes do you believe need to be avoided?

5 Travel mistakes you should avoid.






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