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Hey guys what is up? So at first I was like let me post about a few things to do this winter but what was even better was that I could write “100 things to do this winter” Especially with schools just about to close, I know that many are gonna get bored during the first week of school break so I came up with all these things to keep you going and so that you don’t start complaining saying you don’t know what to do. (Where the mom’s at?)

I don’t know about you but here in Johannesburg is freezing. And for a place where we’re used to sun it’s kind of like a crises. So today I came up with a 100 things to do this winter because I know in this weather many people just like sitting in bed and doing nothing the whole day(aka me) and that’s not healthy or fun so with these 100 things your winter will be much better.

100 things to do in winter.

1. Exercise.
2. Create A Style/ Mood Board.
3. Movie Marathon.
4. Bake Cookies.
5. Create Winter Outfits.
6. Sit And Sing By A Fire.
7. Write A Song.
8. Write A Wattpad Story.
9. Knit A Scarf.
10. YouTube Marathon.11. Stalk Someone Hot Online.
12. Start a Blog/ YouTube Channel.
13. Create A Fort.
14. Start Vlogging.
15. Make A Friend Faraway.
16. Online Shopping.
17. Diy Projects.
18. Play Dressup.
19. Order Pizza.
20. Have A Pajama Party.

21. Have A Game Night With Your Family.
22. Drink Hot Chocolate And Marshmallows.
23. Sit By The Fire And Roast Marshmallows.
24. Write A Future Letter To Yourself.
25. Make A Special Recipe.
26. Study Something Online.
27. Play Hide And Seek.
28. Play Board Games.
29. Rearrange Your Furniture.
30. Listen To Music.

31. Dance.
32. Cook Dinner For You And Your Parents.
33. Play Hangman.
34. Make A Magazine Collage.
35. Join A Group Chat.
36. Bake A Cake.
37. Play Musical Chairs.
38. Play Cards.
39. Work On An Instagram Esthetic.
40. Clean Your Room.

41. Make Candles.
42. Go Window Shopping.
43. Go On A Dinner Date.
44. Spend A Night At A Friends House.
45. Learn How To Make Money Online.
46. Have Some Chilli Food.
47. Learn How To Play An Instrument.
48. Go Ice-Skating.
49. Meet Someone Somewhere.
50. Make Soup.

51. Have A Braai.
52. Play Sport.
53. Pamper Yourself In A Hot Tub.
54. Take A Shower.
55. Movie Night With Your Family.
56. Write A Poem.
57. Eat Ice Cream By The Heater.
58. Draw.
59. Join A Club.

60. Learn To Do Something New.

61. Give Yourself A MakeOver.
62. Eat Hot-Chips.
63. Plan Something To Do.
64. Relax And Take A Nap In Your Comfy Clothes And Blankets.
65. Have A Conference Call With All Your Friends.
66. Search Online For New Blogs and YouTube Channels.
67. Baby Sit.
68. Mail Someone A Letter.
69. Get Coffee With Someone.

70. Make A Video.

71. Take Pictures.
72. Star A Business.
73. Look At Old Albums And Texts.
74. Make A Show For Your Family.
75. Take Online Quizzes.
76. Go On A Winter a Picnics.
77. Knit A Beanie And Some Gloves.
78. Go To A Historic Place.
79. Practice Different Hairstyles On Yourself.

80. Practice Doing Your Makeup.

81. Try Doing Pinterest Hacks.
82. Do A Challenge.
83. Learn A new Dance.
84. Go To A Concert.
85. Make Cookies And Take Them To A Shelter.
86. Paint Something.
87. Learn A new Language.
88. Go To A Thrift Store.
89. Plant Something.
90. Go For A Walk.

91. Have A Music Day With Your Family Sharing Your Favorite Music.
92. Have An Interview.
93. Make money.
94. Open A Mini Shop.
95. Go On a Short Adventure.
96. Go On A Road Trip.
97. Make New Friends.
98. Go On A Winter Shopping Spree.
99. Set Goals.
100. Visit Family.

I know what you can’t do this winter…Sit Around And Say you’ve got nothing to do.Yuup guys thats all the 100 things I could think about that you can do this winter. I hope you found this post helpful! If you have any extra activities to add to the list feel free to add them in the comments.



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