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Most of the time we feel like we owe so many people a lot of things and we tend to stick to them even though it costs us our feelings; I’m here to tell you to stop! Today I want us to talk about the people you should stay away from and eliminate in your life.

People that bash you.

If anyone by all means trys to bash/ put you down then you don’t need that person in your life! Learn to surround your self with people that uplift and make you feel better about yourself. Sometimes we stick to people because they’ve “once” done something for us yet if we calculate most of the time they are knocking us to ground, those people are not needed, eliminate them!

People that call you only when they need you.

Other people think it’s okay to call or text when an emergency suddenly arises; why are you even talking to them? It’s not okay. Stop being a shoulder to cry on or bending in all directions for people that don’t actually care about you. Eliminate those people and make friends or contact with people that always have your back.

People that don’t listen to you.

Any friendship or relationship that will ever work is of people that give each other chances to speak and hear what the other is saying. If you are currently in a relation whereby the other person always feels that they should have the last say then you might need to end it! It will never work if you constantly feel like you’re at the bottom of the chain.

People that abuse you.

Don’t stay in any relation that you ever feel emotionally, mentally or even physically hurt. Be in a relation where both parties can understand each other’s feelings and be able to feel for each other and help wherever possible. Eliminate the people that are inconsiderate, rude and don’t take your situations seriously!

People that are negative.

Other people will seriously drain you and pull you down with them; eliminate them! If a person never sees anything good about what you do or whatever you feel good about then you might just need to cut it! You don’t need people criticising the person that you are or making you feel bad about the things that mean something to you. You could be on to something but that person could bring you down that whatever you had ends up becoming nothing.

Be open to constructive criticism and have an ear for the people that will build you however try by all means to cut off the people that make you see yourself as nothing. I’m not saying be sensitive to all the comments that people throw your way because people will always have something to say but I’m saying if you have any active friendship or relationship with people like the above then you will have to either talk to them or eliminate them completely. Because you don’t want to live a life that is clouded with so much negativity and that is always pulling you down.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope that this post has helped you in someway and that you’re on a Journey to becoming better.


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